Let Them in on the Miracle, Momma!

We pray in the car almost every morning on the way to school. Occasionally we’ll pray for some specific requests, but most days our school-ride prayers are general: for safety, for guidance in our activities, and for the ability to be a blessing to our friends, teachers, or coworkers. Sometimes we take turns praying, other times I lead it.

In my own life, I’ve seen some giant prayers answered. It’s given me faith to ask for some pretty big requests from God. Lately, I’ve had some big prayers on my heart, and today I felt the tug to share one of those requests with my children.

I didn’t go into great detail, and I asked them not to share it in prayer time at school or church, but I told them that I wanted them to pray with me. Here’s why: I BELIEVE those prayers will be answered. I want my children to see the miracles happen with their own eyes. Sure, I can tell them about praying for days, weeks, and months about a specific request. I can tell them how God provided an answer and a miracle. Or I can let them in on it.

I can tell them how God did it, or I can LET THEM IN ON THE MIRACLE.

Becki Rogers

My kids were confused at first; why was I telling them if they couldn’t ask friends or teachers during prayer request time? It’s not that I don’t want anyone else to pray! It’s because this miracle is personal—to me, to them—and it’s for their eyes to see. Maybe someday they’ll be able to tell others how God provided a miracle, but today, I’m letting them in. Whatever God is doing, they will be a part of it.

Let your kids in to your faith walk, Mommas. Give them time and space to exercise their faith muscles too—and you’ll all give God the praise together when they see their prayers answered!

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