3 Practical Ways to Keep Christ in Christmas

The struggle is real.

No kiddin’.

Between the classroom Christmas parties and programs and events and potlucks—it’s no wonder we (moms) feel like we lose the meaning of Christmas every year.  It’s as if culture says, “Moms, you aren’t busy enough.  Let’s add the pressure of special events, shopping, traffic, baking, memory-making, and volunteering to your lists.  Oh–and could you please be jolly and excited the whole time you’re accomplishing this added to-do list?”


It’s like: hurry up and make amazing memories already!

But Jesus.

One of my favorite songs goes like this:

Your name is sweet like honey                                                                                                      Your voice it sounds like the waters                                                                                                Your eyes are full of fire fairer than the sons of men.                                                               

Your name is pure and holy                                                                                                             for You alone are worthy                                                                                                            there is none beside You, Lord of Lords, and King of Kings.                                                     

He is the reason we celebrate at all.  And yet, it’s so hard to hear His voice through the noise—whispering to our hearts, “Seek Me first.  Consider My gift to you.  Remember why I came.”

So here are 3 practical things we can do to find Christ in the chaos:

  1. Listen to the old Christmas hymns and carols or Christmas worship music as much as (or more than!) you listen to the fun “Rudolph” and “Santa” songs.  Explain the lyrics–especially the old ones–to your children.  Both of my kids still get lyrics wrong and it’s downright hilarious.  But since Christmas only comes once a year, it could be years before they understand the lyrics AND the meaning behind them.
  2.  Don’t skip normal church services for any holiday activities.  With more events than we have time, it’s tempting to let church attendance slide so we can fit everything in.  But how will our children ever see the true meaning of Christmas if gathering with our church families to learn about Him is not a priority to us?  If we say we “put Him first,” we have to actually do it.
  3. Tell your children the Christmas story.  I know, I know.  They hear it in kids’ church, or on a Christmas movie–or even as you read Luke 2 on Christmas morning.  But there’s something about hearing a parent tell the story in their own words.  It validates it somehow; it brings to life the words on the pages of Scripture.  Answer their questions.  Discuss the details of what happened.  Help them to understand that it wasn’t a fairy tale or make-believe story.  Show them (on their own level of understanding) that He was the answer the world was waiting for–the greatest gift ever given!

As hard as it may seem, there’s still time to help our families focus on the real meaning of Christmas.  There’s obviously much more you can do, but these 3 practical suggestions can make a world of difference in your home this Christmas season.

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