If You Could Have Anything…. 

The other day I asked my class of 9th graders what they would ask for if they could have anything in the world. Most answered the way you’d expect: money, cars, jobs at Disney. (They are 9th graders, after all.)

A few of them guessed that I was leading into the story of Solomon, who was asked that very question by God in a dream. I can’t imagine what I would answer if I were having a dream-conversation with God, but I believe this question is actually a standing invitation to all of His children, not just the ancient king of Israel.

What do you want, Momma?

Sure, a kid-free vacation would be nice. Or…you know, I’d probably settle for a kid-free trip to the grocery store.

A million dollars? Yeah, that would be pretty amazing.

Depending on the night, I might dream-answer that I want someone to hook me up to a caffeine drip via IV.

But I think there’s power in the request Solomon made, and I think it’s relevant to mommas. Here’s what he said: “Give me an understanding heart so that I can govern your people well and know the difference between right and wrong. For who by [herself] is able to govern this great people of yours?”

Motherhood is a high calling. We may not be “governing” the entire Israelite population, but we are absolutely “governing” our little children of God. And you don’t have to have been a mom for more than an hour to know that it takes WISDOM. It takes an “understanding heart.” It involves countless decisions (big and small) about what is right and wrong! We are raising the next generation, and it is no small feat!

And the greatest admission any mom can make is tucked right into the end of that prayer: I can’t do this by myself. I can’t be the mom my children need with my own strength. I can’t rely on my own wisdom or experience or understanding. I definitely can’t rely on my own emotions or energy.

And the best part about it? The Bible says God was pleased that Solomon had asked for wisdom. And He’s pleased when we do, too. James 1 reminds us that He gives out wisdom in triple-scoops. And He doesn’t get upset when we ask for seconds and thirds. 

Tonight, take a minute and pray the prayer Solomon prayed. You may want to write it down. Tape it to the fridge to remind yourself to pray it every morning. You don’t have to do it alone, Momma. It’s His pleasure to give you strength and wisdom for motherhood. Don’t ever forget it! 

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