3 Lies I {Used} to Believe

I wanted to start a blog about 6 years ago.  I did, actually.  I had little purpose except to just write some thoughts about life on the world wide web and hope someone read or was at least interested in them.  It was 100% about me and it flopped.

Fast forward to January 2017.

In a prayer meeting not long after New Years, I felt like God was putting on my heart to start a podcast.  For moms.  And, inadvertently, the Not {Quite} SuperMoms blog was born.  But to try again, to start blogging again, I had to defeat the lies the enemy had been feeding me for 6+ years.  And…this time, the blog wasn’t about me.  It was about pointing moms to Him.

I wonder if you’ve ever believed these lies about what God is calling you to do?

  1. I believed that I was too young to write to other moms.  I mean, come on, y’all.  I’m 34.  To some of you, I’m just a “spring chicken.”  To others of you, I’m practically geriatric already.  But can I let you in on a secret?  None of that matters.  Why? Because regardless of my age or experience, the ministry God has called me to is simple: I’m supposed to encourage moms to find strength for motherhood in Christ. You may feel the tug of a calling on your life, but you wonder if you lack the necessary skills or experience to speak or lead or write with authority.  Listen to this truth, Momma: if He is calling you to do something, He will equip you to do it.  The talents, abilities, and experience you bring to the table are secondary.  He will give you the strength to fulfill your calling.
  2. I believed that no one would read the blog. To that lie, I answer with this: WHO CARES?!  If even one mom is encouraged to find strength in Jesus because of something I wrote, that’s enough.  The results are completely up to Him.  Numbers are cool.  I loved seeing my tiny statistics chart go nuts when I wrote the Open Apology to the Hands Free Mama.  But that wasn’t the goal.  And it’s still not my goal.  My goal is to hear that a mom was encouraged spiritually by what He put on my heart to say or write.  It’s not about me.  It’s not about numbers or “going viral.”  It’s about Him.
  3. I believed that I wouldn’t have enough time to keep it up.  Of all the lies I have fought, this one runs closest to the truth.  Truth is, I’m a mom just like you.  Truth is, there are already more things on my to-do list than I can accomplish in any 24-hour timeframe.  Truth is, I don’t have time for blogging.  Truth is, I don’t have time for podcasting.  I have to make time.  I have to sacrifice things I could be doing for what God has put on my heart to do.  I’ve had to learn to manage my time and take advantage of a few minutes here and there to type a draft of a blog post.  I’ve had to wait to respond to emails or messages if my family needed me.  I’ve had to set boundaries, because saying “yes” to everything related to Not {Quite} SuperMoms means I’m saying “no” to my family.  I have to choose my “yeses” carefully.  But it’s worth it. I do my very best to fulfill my calling as a mom and in ministry, and I trust God to fill in all of my gaps.

Are you waiting to pursue the calling God has gently put on your heart?  Are you still struggling with lies from the enemy that you don’t have what you need, whether it be experience, an audience, time, or even know-how?  Don’t wait.  Dive in, Momma.  He’s got your back.  He’s got everything you think you’re lacking.  Step out in faith and trust Him for the rest!



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