It’s a Messy Life

Motherhood is messy. I still remember the feeling I had when my oldest had his first diaper blowout… Disgusting! I wanted an adult to come clean the mess, but alas…. I was the adult. As the kids get bigger, the messes seem to get bigger too, huh? 

But it’s messy in other ways too. It’s hard to be a good friend when you’re consumed with being a good mom. Especially your first time around. But then, when you realize you coulda/woulda/shoulda leaned on those friends in spite of having no energy to engage in conversation–by then, you’ve grown apart so far it’s hard to pick the friendship back up. Right? It’s messy. And complicated. 

Then there’s the mom who seems to have it all together and seems to know everything…and you just can’t measure up. And you feel too messy to even attempt a friendship with her. 

You know, the Bible doesn’t say if Mary and Martha were moms, but if it were between the 2 of them, I’d guess that Martha was a mom. She is forever known for doing what we moms everywhere do every day…. Cleaning up the messes—even if it means skipping the (more) important stuff. 

I’d love to say I have conquered this particular battle, but as you know, the messes never stop–whether it’s the messes our kids make or the messes of our hearts. Hurt feelings, neglected friendships, an unkind word–sometimes the heart messes are worse than the never-ending laundry and dishes we juggle. 

If I could have you over for coffee this weekend, I’d look you in the eye and tell you this truth: YOU are not your messes. Even the ones you created! You are not defined by how clean your house is. You are not defined by the messes in your heart. Martha was afraid that she’d be known for a house that wasn’t completely clean or a meal that wasn’t cooked quite right. Instead, she’s known for chasing the wrong thing. 

Mary, on the other hand, is known for choosing the right thing–to spend time with Jesus. In parallel passages, it’s described how she washed his feet with her hair and her tears. She poured out on Him her most valuable possession, an expensive fragrance. 

As a mom, it can be argued that your most valuable “commodity” is time. Think about it: there’s never enough. You can’t buy more. Every “empty nester” tells you to ENJOY EVERY MINUTE {side note: does anyone else experience varying degrees of angst at that one piece of advice? It’s like… How do I know if I’m enjoying enough?! Will I regret not enjoying the sleepless nights and poopy diapers? Does EVERY LITTLE THING have to be savored to avoid regrets later on? Help me! I’m not sure how to take that advice….} ANYWAY. TIME. Yup. It’s valuable, precious, fleeting, and you can’t ever get it back. And it relates directly to the most precious “things” God gives us: our children. We pour our time into them from the moment our feet hit the floor to the moment we crash into our beds at night. They take up ALL of our time. 

But what if we stopped for a minute and consider our time as something worthy of sacrifice to our Savior? Can you picture Him waiting in your living room, waiting, and watching


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