Warrior Mama v. Mama Bear

I just love those cute shirts that say “Mama Bear” on them!!!! I have had one in my online shopping cart more than once.  {Side note: do you do that?  Almost go all the way through with a purchase, and then…at the last minute–X out of it really quick as if you were never there, about to push “submit order?”  It’s like…retail-almost-therapy.  Window shopping the net, if you will….anyway.}

Late last year I was reading about David–the shepherd, the mighty warrior, the man after God’s own heart–THAT David.  He wasn’t a mom.  But as I studied his life, I felt like there was something about him that I could learn from–something about motherhood.

You know, David spent the early years of his life learning to protect sheep.  I’ve been to a petting zoo, and you know, the regular zoo….but I didn’t grow up on a farm.  What I’ve heard about sheep, however, is that they are not….bright.  I adore my kids.  But I’ve said it once and I’m positive I’ll say it again: there is NO reasoning with a two-year-old.  The logic escapes them.  Until, you know…they’re more logical beings.  Unfortunately for David, sheep are sheep, and they don’t “grow out of” their sheep-ness.  : )  His job was to protect them.  Hmm.  Yup.  That sounds a lot like my daily grind.

And, as it turns out, there wasn’t a lot of social life as a shepherd.  Now I’m completely speculating here, but it didn’t seem like there was a “local shepherd’s group” where David could find companionship and support.  It was a lonely occupation most of the time.  Honestly?  The loneliest days I have ever experienced in my life were my first years as a mom.  They don’t tell you that in books or in the movies.  Instead you see groups of moms out walking together, pushing strollers, drinking coffee, and laughing about their children’s silly grins or first haircuts.  Can I just be real and say that my first days and months of motherhood were the exact opposite of the “mommy-euphoria” we see on the movies?  I was flat-out lonely.  No one could stand to be around my (constantly) screaming child.  Or so I thought.  I couldn’t remember who I was before this baby—this needy, helpless baby–was born.  I lost myself in the daily schedule–or lack thereof.  I gave my whole self to this little person who rewarded me with—you guessed it–more screaming.  Motherhood is not for the faint of heart.  But it is definitely lonely at times.

And then, getting back to our not-a-mom, David: it wasn’t always just peace and tranquility as he herded sheep.  Nope.  The Bible clearly describes his challenges in biological terms: lions, tigers, and bears—oh my!  Oops, no tigers, sorry.  I got carried away.  But…it’s no small feat to kill a lion and a bear.  Or both, at that.  I wouldn’t go near either.  You can have the sheep!  Haha!  But as moms, we go after those challenges and greater, don’t we?  Neighborhood bullies and bad influences, trouble subjects in school, toxic friendships—we fight those to protect our kids with the same tenacity that we’d face any dangerous animal.  Because…we are warriors when it comes to our kids.

You know, David might have had the company of sheep, in lonely pastures, but he didn’t waste the time.  No, instead, he used that time to cultivate a relationship with God that rivaled very few others in the Bible.  He took that quiet time to meditate on his heavenly Father, to worship Him, to play his harp for Him, and to talk to Him.  He poured his heart out to the One who can take every burden we carry as moms.  This was the starting point of a life of worship….a life he spent chasing God’s heart.  Your lonely season won’t last forever, Momma.  Mine didn’t.  But don’t waste it.  Take time to build a relationship with your Father.  He cares!  He cares about colicky babies!  He cares about bath times and schedules and working husbands and aching hearts.  He cares about eye colors and growth charts and milestones….because He’s a Dad.  And He numbers the very hairs of our heads.  He catches every tear (hormonal or otherwise) and saves them in a bottle.  Or gallon bucket, if we’re measuring my tears from early motherhood days….

And you might be lonely, but friend, you are NEVER alone.

So I propose a slight correction to the trendy term “Mama Bear.”  I think we should be “Warrior Mamas,” with our staff (Bible) in hand, our harp (worship playlist) ready, and our eyes focused on our Savior.  You can fight anything that threatens your sheep (kids) if you’re prepared.  No Goliath is going to stand in our way.  And you know what?  We can chase after God’s heart while we chase after little feet.




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