I read Luke 8 today and, in a nutshell, it’s an account of several miracles Jesus did–with a parable mixed in for good measure. 

Every miracle He did in Luke 8 was in response to an impossible situation. The storm threatened to shipwreck the Savior and His disciples. The demon-possessed man had broken every restraint ever placed on him. The woman with “an issue of blood” had exhausted every other resource available in her quest for healing. Jarius was waiting for Jesus to come heal his daughter and she DIED while he waited. 


We speed-read sometimes, never considering that, to those people in need of a miracle, the situation was helpless and hopeless and beyond any foreseeable positive outcome. Sometimes, situations I face seem helpless and hopeless too. 

As moms, we want to fix everything. We stress and strive to cover every lack. And then, when a situation seems helpless, we stress some more! I used to feel like if I worried about a situation and analyzed all of the possible outcomes, at least I was doing something! But when the people wept because the daughter had already died, and when the disciples shouted that they were surely going to drown in the storm–Jesus was not found stressing or striving. He wasn’t helpless OR hopeless. 

He was resting. 

Only once in the chapter does it say He was literally asleep, but in every response, when the crowd turned to Jesus, looking for His reaction, waiting to see the natural– (“Oh no!!!!! What are we going to do?!?! This is HORRIBLE!”)–Jesus responded supernaturally. He was resting in the power of the Holy Spirit and expecting a miracle in spite of the odds. In spite of the circumstances. In spite of the mockers–Luke describes the crowd LAUGHING when He said the girl wasn’t dead, just asleep. 

Jesus rested. 

We can rest. We don’t have to stress and strive and wring our hands and say, “How will this ever turn out well?” We can rest. We can pray and expect the miraculous to happen in our situations too. 

What’s your impossibility today? 

  • Finances 
  • Health
  • Children away from God
  • Marriage issues
  • Job stresses 

He didn’t just respond supernaturally when it was a life-or-death scenario. In other passages, He welcomed little children, who needed nothing from Him except a blessing. He’s not turning you away, Momma. No matter how big or small your impossibility seems. He’s not stressed. He’s ready, waiting to give you a miracle. Approach Him. You won’t be denied or disappointed. 

And then, rest. 

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