This book will make you look at moms of the Bible  in a whole new way… 

A year ago, my pastor’s wife asked me to lead the lifegroup for moms at our church. Every Monday night, we’d sit around my livingroom and enjoy snacks and stories and I’d share what was on my heart. 

Our lifegroup didn’t meet for the summer, so I spent the time thinking about what our lifegroup would study this fall. The idea for writing about moms of the Bible hit me about a month ago. As I shared nutshell versions on my “Not Quite SuperMoms” Facebook and Instagram pages, I realized that God was putting it in my heart to convert it all into a book. 

As I studied the ancient moms in the stories of Scripture, I realized that they were just like me. Like us. Their stories–though made up of different details–are OUR stories. Yes, the names and settings are different, but we all struggle with discontentment sometimes. And we’ve all seen, if not experienced, the heartbreak of infertility, loss of a spouse, and a wayward child. They needed a Savior, and we need Him too! 

Study these mommas along with me and realize that you are not alone in the situations you face. Moms have walked this earth for centuries, and God has been faithful to “never leave or forsake” us–and He’s not leaving you now! 

You can purchase and download your copy here

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