Caregiver to the Caregivers

Last night at church, my pastor preached an awesome message about how much God loves us.  He started in Ephesians 1:4, explaining how we were chosen before the foundation of the world.  He said, “God was the most excited Father on the day you were born. He had been looking forward to your birth day from before creation.  He was like, ‘I’m so excited! She’s finally born!'”   THAT’S how much we were chosen, wanted, anticipated–isn’t that amazing to think about?  wordswag_1499376956772

Anyway, my pastor went on to point out the next verse, which discusses the “kind intentions” God has for us.  That led to the often-quoted verse, Jeremiah 29:11.  In the NASB, it reads:  For I know the plans that I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope.   He pointed out the word welfare and began to describe God’s welfare system: how, in Christ, we are completely provided for and loved.  We don’t have to worry and stress about our needs, because He already knows them and has good plans to meet our needs.  And then it got really good:  he mentioned that welfare really means care.  That we are cared for by our Heavenly Father.  We are loved and cherished and treasured by Him, just like a father with his precious little girl.

That point hit home to me and made me think of all of the moms I know and talk to on a regular basis.  Motherhood is caregiving.  It’s non-stop, 24/7 thinking and caring for others, specifically (but not limited to!) our children.  There are hundreds of articles and posts about “taking time for yourself” and “mommy time.”  But honestly, after I spent a few moments considering how much I am cared for by my Heavenly Father, so much peace and calm flooded my soul.  And, nearly 24 hours later, it hasn’t left me.  I can’t stop thinking about how I’m held by the arms of the One Who holds the universe.  wordswag_1499376433626.png

You know that phase that babies go through when they squirm in your arms so they can get down?  You know, when they act like they want to be held, but really they can’t make up their minds?  They push and wriggle and struggle until you feel like you might drop them if you just don’t give them their way and put them down.   I feel like sometimes we’re like that with our Father.  He truly wants to just hold us–calm our weary hearts and give us the rest we so desperately need.  But we push against His arms, wriggling and striving, trying to just get down and handle it all ourselves.  But, just like the baby learning to walk, we end up falling down and scraping our knees (or…our hearts) in our futile efforts to take control of our lives.

Today, Momma, just be held.  Just rest in His arms and trust He’s got your care on His mind.  Heaven’s welfare system is solid gold; every hair on your head is numbered, and every tear is collected in His bottle.  Close your eyes, snuggle up to His heart, and let Him love you the way He has always wanted to.wordswag_1499376172292.png

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  • Roaringacres

    The idea of being held is so humbling. Mama bears really do take on the world. It’s so important to remember that when we need comfort it’s right there waiting for us!

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