Pretty is as Pretty Does

I love makeup. So does Deanna. In fact, we bonded almost immediately when we figured out that we were kindred spirits, counting our pennies ’til we could splurge on a new eyeshadow palette at the local Ulta or Sephora. We know all the coupons, points, and birthday rewards like the back of our hands.

One of my favorite beauty products is highlighter. If you’re not into makeup–WAIT! don’t give up on me… Quick explanation: highlighter accents just the right bones and corners of your face to catch the light and make you glow. I love it. I have several different brands and types of highlighter in my makeup bag right now.  There’s just something about that sparkly glow that I just love!!!!

This doesn’t actually scratch the surface, by the way…. So much more where that came from!

But as I read in the Psalms today, I was struck by the thought that my worship is more important than my daily makeup routine. Mom always used to tell me, “Pretty is as Pretty does!” and that how I acted and treated others was more important than how I looked. And she was right. In fact, my sweet friend has a “mean girl” outfit she makes her daughter wear whenever she “acts ugly.” Yes, she makes her daughter change clothes into something old and ugly to help her see that that’s how her heart looks when she’s mean or disrespectful. {She’s never had to wear it in public, (although it had to be threatened once or twice) just worn around the house….and her mom reports that it has been highly effective!}

So the verse that stuck out to my heart was this: “How beautiful is it when we sing our praises to the beautiful God; for praise makes you lovely before Him, and brings him great delight!” {Psalm 147:1 Passion Translation, emphasis mine}

Maybe the new saying needs to be, “Pretty is as Pretty praises!” We just have so much to be thankful for. We can’t hide the tired circles under our eyes most days, even with all the coffee and makeup in the world…. But we can offer up a quick praise for all He’s done. We are blessed: not because of our circumstances, or the car we drive, the house we live in, or the clothes we can afford. We are blessed because He took our place and died so we don’t have to!  I don’t know about you, but that’s enough for me.  I can praise Him my entire life because He gave everything to have me with Him for eternity!  And the Bible says that just our praise makes us lovely in His eyes.  It’s beautiful.  There’s not enough highlighter or eyeshadow palettes in the world to make us lovely before God on our own.  But His praise on our lips, worship in our hearts—that makes us beautiful.  And it will overflow! In Isaiah 60, the glory of the Lord is described as rising to shine on us.  As we glorify Him, He shines in and through us.  So get your praise hands up, Mommas!  It’s better than the Lancome beauty counter!  Let your own kind of Jesus-beauty glow today!

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