5 Things Moms REALLY Want for Mothers Day

Mothers Day is right around the corner…. Very few moms I’ve come in contact with really want a diamond necklace or a cruise to the Caribbean for Mothers Day {although we would certainly not turn those things down…} As it turns out, what we actually want for Mothers Day is quite simple, so husbands, dads, kids—take a big sigh of relief and read on.

1. TIME. As moms, there a hundreds of pulls on our time throughout the week. If it’s not our kids, it’s our jobs, the laundry, emails–it just never ends. One of the BEST gifts you can give a mom is free time. Force her to leave the house–that’s probably best, because if she stays home by herself, the never-ending to-do list will be almost too great of a burden for her to release and just relax. 

2. PAMPERING. I don’t think I know a mom who would not appreciate a gift certificate for a manicure or pedicure. Or a massage. It kills two birds with one stone, you see? It actually accomplishes the “time” gift as well as pampering! You would find it VERY hard to go wrong by choosing to give her a gift certificate for a mani/pedi/facial/massage. Not sure where? Do yourself a favor. Ask around. Read reviews. Find the highest rated place in your town and get her a gift certificate for THAT salon. 

3. FOOD. {and all the moms said, “Amen.”} It may seem underwhelming to you for moms to propose giving up food prep responsibilities for an entire day, but believe me, you’d be wrong. In fact, it was suggested to me that 24 hours is a great rule of thumb. Let us have 24 hours FREE from making, preparing, deciding on… Food. Just handle it. If you can swing the cost, take her out or order in all 3 meals. Does that see extreme? Ask any mom you know. She will assure you that no, it is not even close to extreme. As it turns out, our kids like us to regularly feed them 3 {yes, 3!! Or more!} times per day. One 24-hour break per year seems doable! 🙂 

4. FLOWERS. But…. Maybe not on Mothers Day. I know, I know. Blasphemy!!!!! But to most moms I know, a potted plant equals MORE WORK. {And all the dads just experienced an epiphany!!!! Haha!} Yup. We do enjoy flowers, definitely. But if you surprised us with flowers another day, we’d be much more… Well, surprised. Can you spare 5 minutes and  $10-$20 bucks on your way home tonight? Grab some flowers and bring them home to her. Compare her reaction to the ones you recall her having on past Mothers Day when you proudly offered her the “Mothers Day Special” bouquet from the grocery store. Point made. 

5. CARDS, NOTES, HANDPICKED FLOWERS. Almost every mom I talked to started their answer the same: “Well, I do LOVE the cards and notes the kiddos give me every year. And the flowers my little one picks from our flower bed…” Her voice would trail off as the “but I would SO enjoy…” came next. It just wouldn’t be Mothers Day without those precious drawings and cards. But husbands/dads/sons, try something new this year. Instead of blowing five dollars {or more!} on a greeting card for the mom in your life, why don’t you sit down and write or type her a letter thanking her for everything she does and everything she means to you? I promise, it’ll floor her with your thoughtfulness, and it won’t get tossed in June when she’s cleaning the countertops for the bajillionth time. 

If there’s one thing moms understand, it’s that money can be tight sometimes. We’re well-accustomed to sacrificing what we want for what our family needs. But if you start planning now… Putting away some of your coffee money each week until you’ve got enough to splurge on a nice amount for her pedicure. Don’t check to see if it’s in the budget the night before Mothers Day! Start writing that note tonight. If you can’t do everything on the list, do as many as you can! Every mom in your life will feel appreciated, I promise. And isn’t that what it’s all about? 

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