From One Mom’s Heart to Another…. 

This week,  we watched The Passion to prepare for Easter and also to preview it for the purpose of showing our 8 year old son. (More on that later.)

Many thoughts struck me as I cried through the movie, but one thought stood out to me about Mary, Jesus’s mother: on that fateful day, she lost her precious Son. I confess that I have never thought about the crucifixion from her perspective. He was revealed to her as the Promised One first! She knew His very existence was a miracle. Maybe she knew it best of all…She had pondered everything surrounding His life from before she felt His tiny kicks in her stomach. She watched Him do miracle after miracle. She must have had a torrent of emotions as she saw Him hanging on the cross. Did she know He came to die? For her? For those guards who beat Him and spit on Him? But as a mom….

I guarantee you that if she could have, she would have traded places with Him in a heartbeat.

She couldn’t, though. She didn’t have sinless blood. She couldn’t give her life for mine. It wouldn’t have been enough. He HAD to die.

And while He was on the cross, dying for me, John says that Jesus took the time to talk to His mom one last time. He made sure she would be taken care of—how selfless!!! As He could barely take a breath, He was thinking of others–including His mother.

Mary must have been understandably heartbroken. Mothers should not have to bury their children. I have not yet known a mother who wasn’t wrecked by the loss of a child, no matter the age of either. I’m 100% sure that it was for this very reason that Jesus made sure John would take care of Mary.

And Momma, if you’re one of the ones who truly understands the pain of a loss of a child, can I tell you something? Because of one mother’s loss (Mary’s), and because He rose from the dead, YOU can have hope knowing that you can see your precious child again! See? One mother’s pain gave hope to every mother who has experienced such pain! The death and resurrection of Jesus changed everything.

So what would Mary say if she could talk to us right now?

I believe she would look you in the eye and entreat you: if you have not already believed in her Son, if you have not already considered eternity, just think for a moment about how much love He’s extending to you! How much He endured so you could spend eternity with Him and with your children and loved ones–He’s offering everything. He gave everything for YOU. If Mary were here, she’d say, don’t let His death be wasted. Take this precious gift He offers!

If you’ve never thought about it, or if you’ve never accepted this sacrifice for your sin and guilt, can we pray for you?

Father, Your Word says that none of us are perfect. We aren’t SuperMoms, and we aren’t innocent like You were. We need You: we can’t get to heaven on our own… And we can’t live lives here on earth without Your help. We believe that You took the punishment for our sins, we believe that what You did on that cross is enough and we are so thankful that You made the way for us to be with You someday. Thank you, Father.


Do you have questions? Do you have burdens on your heart that you’d like prayer for? Please contact us. We’d love to know how to pray for you!!!

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