Who’s that girl in the mirror?

So…to be completely honest, I’ve been using concealor for my dark circles for years.  There’s nothing new there.  But lately? The tiny wrinkles that have been popping up on my face–no, those are new.  And unwelcome.  Not to mention the limp, lifeless hair I’m constantly tossing into a ponytail or messy bun (wait, those are still in style, right?)–and the roots…oh, the roots. Let’s not go there.  But really? Who IS that girl in the mirror?  She’s a mom, so she’s tired. And sometimes stressed out.  And usually not the “Mary Poppins” mom she hoped she’d be when she dreamed about being a mom one day.  10974480_10205761910948015_8964218519800189496_o

But mommas, can I just share what God showed me this last week?  Who we see in the mirror is not who He sees.

Yeah.  I get it.  It’s a nice sentence, isn’t it?  But really though.  Hear me out.

So last week I was in a Bible Study on Genesis.  We were learning about God creating man in His image, and I know the story–you do too.  But we were asked what “in His image” really means.  And someone mentioned that it’s similar to how our children look like us.  They are….in our image.  Seriously, my daughter Ryleigh gets comments every week about how much she looks like her daddy.  Phrases like “spitting image” and “uncanny” get thrown around all the time.  No one mentions that her daddy has beard.  But anyway….

10991530_10205761910908014_1070876555233971952_oY’all. Here’s what got me: when God looks at me, He doesn’t see the worn-out mom that I see.  He sees Himself.  He sees….His Son.  Because we are in His image.  Momma, if you’re a believer, you are loved and adored as His child.  He doesn’t see the “you” that you see.  You’re covered by His Son.  But it gets better.

When was the last time your kiddo messed up?  Today? Yeah, it was President’s Day, and my kids were with me all day.  Together.  All day…. And they fought. And I might’ve yelled.  Yup. I’m not going to lie.  But when your kids come to you, and want to climb up in your lap and make things right with you—do you turn them away?  No way.  And just like in the New Testament, when Jesus welcomed those little children to come to Him so he could hold them and bless them—He’s welcoming you, Momma.  Because He doesn’t see what you see.  He sees you as His precious daughter.  You might have messed up.  But His arms are open to you.  And His lap?  It might as well be an altar.  It’s wide open, ready to welcome you.  Because His eyes hold nothing but love for you.


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